Haaay Court

At least, that’s what the oh-so Supreme Court claims about the changing the constitution via people’s initiative.

I do agree that the methodology used to obtain the signatures is quite questionable. I know people who sign left and right without really reading the fine print and understanding the full ramifications of the issue at hand. Although this may sound conceited, I don’t think most of the people can really fully digest the issue of charter change. I know I can’t mainly because I don’t have the time nor the capacity to learn everything I need to know to place my signature on that piece of paper.

But like most people I think, I simply compress the whole topic into this: change is needed. And a change in our government’s core is needed. Badly.

How dare they say that the people have been deceived! People will believe what they choose to believe, regardless of full knowledge or understanding. Are they implying that those who didn’t sign have not been deceived? Or that these people see through those lies? Oh come on.

Who is deceiving who really?

At least it’s clearer now that it’s not only the legislative branch who wants to hold on to its power. “Defend and protect the Constitution” ha? Yeah right.


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