Mascots Gone Wild

I recently discovered a Youtube video of a Jollibee mascot fooling around. The video taker was telling Jollibee to do funny poses and stunts. I found the poses funny because it looked adorable. It reminded me of kids whose parents tell them to do pa-cute poses in front of other people. The stunt however was stupid. The video taker was asking the mascot to do a headstand, but Jollibee just dove on the floor. That part wasn’t funny at all.

Apparently, there was another video. This time, the mascots (Jollibee and Twirlie) engaging in a scandalous act. Think pinoy scandals. It too wasn’t funny. Actually, it was disgusting. Whoever were inside those mascots should be drowned in Pasig River. And the video taker should be fed to angry bees.
It’s Jollibee for god’s sake! A mascot that you see on parties – on kiddie parties!

The proliferation of the video on the Internet was a PR disaster for the company. It wasn’t clear if the incident occurred within the premises of the restaurant or if it involved actual Jollibee employees. According to this Inquirer report, steps had being taken by the company to ensure that this does not happen again. But those details didn’t not matter to us. All we got was the burning image of mascots acting out sex in a washroom. Paano na yan kung gagamitin ko banyo nila? Is it possible not to wonder, Dito kaya nila ginawa yun?

But it wasn’t just an insult to the company. It was gross disregard for the children.

Scandals don’t die. Not easily anyway. And this is not the kind of scandal that you watch on your own. People who find it amusing tend to share it with others. In a society such as ours where “utterly stupid and mindless” are still funny, this video isn’t about to disappear in an instant.

The thing with that video is that it was said to have copied a similar video involving Disney mascots. Of course, even our scandals aren’t all-original.

I guess we should be expecting McDo and his gang being naughty.

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One thought on “Mascots Gone Wild

  1. It’s really a shame that such a video came out, then again at this age what’s humorous for a group of people is totally revolting to another. It’s a matter of respecting everyone else from both sides of the fence.

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