Krispy Kreme

The infamous Krispy Kreme has recently opened its first branch in the Philippines, within the vicinity of Gonuts nonetheless I was told. While the rest of the metro was preparing for Reming, a significant number of people awaited for the opening of the store. As in nakatambay sa pinto. Of course, we can expect people to storm the branch within the next few days as the word spreads like unretouched pictures of Angelica Panganiban on the internet.

But I will not be a part of the hype.

For those of you who want to join in the fun, just note that their donuts, particularly the glazed donut, contain dangerously amounts of trans fat. Well, not dangerous dangerous really. Unchecked amounts of trans fat in your body just cause you to have a heart attack and drop dead. Yun lang naman. Some US cities have taken aggressive efforts to curb down the usage of trans fat in their food – from restaurant -fast food to products they buy in supermarkets.

So as a friendly reminder: don’t be too pasikat and pasosyal or trans fat will block your heart’s canal.

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2 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme

  1. Well said. Others have lost their homes, families, livelihood down south while in the metro, some people are going nuts over some donut. I know it tastes good, but for humanity’s sake, it’s just a donut.

  2. yeah. at thirty pesos for a donut daw?? sus. anti-poor! then again, it wouldn’t really hurt to try it at least once out of curiosity. i’ve tried the glazed thing a long time ago. wasn’t exactly oven-fresh pero in fairness, masarap naman. far from your typical donuts.

    at least, dumating na yung pinagkopyahan ng gonuts. reminds me of zagu hype and the shawarma hype.

    let the battle begin. matira matibay. hehe.

    be amazed though at how they make those donuts. working in a factory, i’d say kk’s donut-making process is ultra-efficient. if there’s anything beneficial about the arrival of kk, it’s to show how a simple idea of making donuts can be turned into highly mechanical process where high quality and consistency in taste are maintained.

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