Talking About God

I’m talking to my brother about God. Of all the people. Maybe this isn’t the proper way to share to others, but I’m not really a God person. Not anymore and not in the mean time. And here he is, thinking about entering the priesthood…

I guess he won’t be contributing any income soon. Sigh.


5 thoughts on “Talking About God

  1. Hmm…tell him to do some really really serious soul-searching. Entering the priesthood is equivalent to getting married. It’s a life’s commitment that cannot be taken so lightly.

  2. “… but Iā€™m not really a God person. Not anymore and not in the mean time.”

    Dont be influenced by the Devil’s work. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, that’s all you need to do! Infinite peace and happiness awaits you in heaven!

    I will pray for you.

  3. Both God and Devil reside in ourselves. God exists (in ourselves also) independently of our beliefs. (Btw, devil too…) Peace and happiness also awaits you here on Earth… if you are willing to accept war and sadness. There are infinite ways that lead to God. Choose the one that fits you most. And help your brother (if you can) choosing the way that fits him most. Income? Just let him be himself, and you do the same. This is not a zero-sum game. Both of you can be right. And me too šŸ™‚ Manigong bagong taon sa iyo at sa kabuuang pamilya mo šŸ™‚

  4. except for jhay, akala ko spam comments yung iba. anyways.

    jhay: yeah, priesthood and marriage are essentially the same. most people make the mistake that commitment is about sticking to a decision. but the thing with being committed is that it’s not about the decision – it’s about the other person. so it’s either a choice between god and the community, or a spouse and a family. but either way, you leave your old family behind.

    soc: thanks for your prayers. i have accepted him as my lord and savior. at least, i think i did when i was a lot younger. but that’s really between me and him. like any relationship, there are always fighting/tampo moments. i maybe in that phase for now. plus, i’d rather have peace and happiness now than wait till i get to go in heaven.

    hangaricus: we try not to get in the way of each others’ decisions. if he thinks he will be a better person with that decision, then so be it. god may reside in ourselves, but i don’t think the devil does. he’s more like out there in the world, tempting and testing. the way i see it, evil is not the presence of the devil in us, but rather, it’s the absence of god or the good in us that make us evil or non-good.

  5. unsentpostcards:
    I just think if God is all that is good, devil is all the remainder. As you called it, the absence of God. If God reside in ourselves (and it doesn’t fill us completely), than the absence of God also resides in ourselves, don’t you think so? I don’t think devil is out in the world. I guess devil is present in (almost) each and any human to a certain extent. When you talk about “outside” you surely mean “within other people”. Don’t you? For those people you are an “outside” too. I guess devil wouldn’t exist if human didn’t exist. Whom else could he be tempting? Animals don’t have the law, they cannot be tempted to breach it. As opposed to devil, God exists on its own. But no need to stress, this is only my personal point of view. I may be equally wrong just like anybody else. And I may be equally right too.

    I like your blogs. I was just surfing on the net for the Tagalog “Happy New Year” as I came across your page. Guess I’ll accomodate here if you don’t mind. I’m far too lazy to write a blog of my own, but I’d happily participate in yours. (If you feel comfortable too.) I’m learning Tagalog, so sometimes I’ll try to write small things on it, trying not to mix it up with English. Hope you won’t leave my mistakes in only for courtesy.

    Salamat para sa iyong komentaryo. Paalam po.

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