Christmas Plastics

It’s that time of year when people attend parties left and right. From family gatherings to barkada get-togethers, these are the occasions that bring people closer together, especially those that under normal circumstances do not have the time to meet and catch up on each other’s lives.

Company christmas parties are different however. They are the persons you meet everyday. And occasionally, you get into misunderstandings and arguements with them. I find it hard to accept the idea that you’re simply being civil and professional from January to November wih most of them, then suddenly everyone is closey-close with each other come Decemeber. It’s so pretentious.

Working in a factory where most of the people are at least a couple of years older, I guess older adults have mastered the abilty to feign friendships and closeness when the christmas season comes.

And I really don’t like the idea of forcing people to contribute for a christmas party. (Actually, there’s the grand company christmas party that the company pays for; and there’s the sub-company christmas parties where us workers simply contribute.) I noticed how the ‘contribution fee’ seems to increase every year. I don’t feel like spending extra money on our plant’s christmas party where co-workers are often at each other’s throats – figuratively and literally.


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