Of Presidents and Dictators

First, there was the death of former US President Gerald Ford. He was 93 when he passed away and he sworn into office following the resignation of former President Nixon, who was implicated in the Watergate Scandal. (Yeah, that’s where people got the Gloriagate term. So not original.) One of his most distinguishing act was his decision to pardon Nixon just a month after he assumed office in 1974. He visited the Philippines during the time of Marcos and further back, he was part of the US Navy fleet that landed in the Visayas during WWII.

But that was quickly overshadowed by the execution of Saddam Hussein. He was hanged (how dramatic!) and people chanted and danced around the lifeless body of the former dictator (how weird!). I guess the people really hated him that much. I remember seeing this video clip wherein his statue was forcibly brought down by the Iraqi people following the US-lead War on Iraq and there were a couple of people who slapped the concrete face with their shoes and slippers.

I always thought that Saddam, being convicted of “crimes against humanity” would be put on trial at the Hague where former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, also charged with crimes against humanity, died early this year. Perhaps, the US wanted to give the impression that the trial and the execution was independently done by Iraq.

The execution took place outside the heavily fortified Green Zone, Rubaie said, and no Americans were present.

“It was an Iraqi operation from A to Z,” he said. “The Americans were not present during the hour of the execution. They weren’t even in the building.”

He added that “there were no Shiite or Sunni clerics present, only the witnesses and those who carried out the actual execution were present.” [CNN]

The fingerprints and footprints of the US are all over this, of course. They invaded liberated the Iraqi people from that evil of a dictator as part of the grand scheme dubbed as War on Terror following the events of 9-11 . Hooray for the Americans! The liberators of the oppressed!

I’d like to ask, though: Where are the weapons of mass destruction that was used by the Bush administration to justify the Iraq war?

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3 thoughts on “Of Presidents and Dictators

  1. You miss the point entirely, my dear brother. God’s true purpose of the invasion is to save these unfortunate souls from an eternity in HELL for they practice a false religion.

    Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit …

  2. i never heard president bush nor donald rumsfeld say that the purpose of invading iraq was religious in nature.

    is there really one, true religion? i think the mere diversity of humans as individuals and societies through out time and across different places should be enough to disprove that there’s one true religion or that there are false religions.

    i’d say taoism, buddhism, hinduism, etc are also religions but they never assumed the moral duty of actively and aggressively propagating their beliefs like catholicism.

  3. Hello,

    I don’t think Mr. Bush is Catholic. Am I wrong? Some (newer) protestant churches agressively propagate their beliefs advocating their exclusive interpretations of God, faith, church and lifestyle. They miss out the major commandment.. to love your brethren. Don’t remember that JC would have added any adjectives such as Christian, Catholic, moral, good, faithful, and so on. I dare to love Moslems and Buddhists… and neoprotestant Christians too, being myself a Catholic and I would never dare to impose my convictions on anybody else.

    I am myself curious too about the mass destruction weapons. It looks like a personal revenge and anger of Mr. Bush on Saddam Hussein, without taking into account (literally) many thousands of lives… Christians, Moslems atheists or whatsoever. Did it pay off? Don’t think so.

    I lived for 20 yrs in one of the harshest dictatures of the end of the past century. Does anyone remember Ceausescu’s Romania? I lived there and I was raised there. And I felt pity for him when he was executed. It’s not about deserving the death punishment or not. It may be or may not be. It’s about WHO dares to judge another human? Jesus would have had the right and he didn’t do it. Why should we admit that either Mr. Bush or (anyone else, including but not limiting to Mr. Blair, Aznar, Berlusconi and so on…) had the right to invade a country and to mount an entire scene for their own personal purposes?

    Was there any mass destruction weapon discovered? No.
    Was there any link discovered between Saddam and Al Quaeda? No.
    Was the Christianism and/or the love among humans propagated by this means? It sounds quite ironic.
    So, was the US invasion justified? Anyone should judge it for him/herself.

    Magandang araw sa inyong lahat.

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