The Sky is Falling

Stock markets all over the world continues to decline. It began yesterday with the Shanghai market. The almost 9% loss in the Chinese market triggered a ripple effect in Europe and later, in the US. From what I remember, occasional declines in market performance are normal. But a sell-off this much in a single day can be very alarming for many investors. Although markets are not expected to bounce back just like that in the coming days, the hope today is that it would all level off soon so that investors would stop hitting the panic button.

What does this mean for us average citizens? The effects on the global economy does not always reach the masses immediately. But the perception of an economy is bad, people tend to believe that it is. Sometimes, far worse than it really is. And for me, a bad economy would eventually translate to the rising of basic goods and services. Meaning, that for the same amount of income, people have less buying power.

All this boils down to the markets’ perception of itself. If fear continues to be the dominating attitude of traders, no economic policy of GMA would instantly counter the slumping of global markets.


Cesar Montano

My reaction to his entering politics: why not? Can we really stop him? I think it was the president herself who wanted her on the team.

After all, it all boils down to winnabilty. It’s not about being on the top spot; rather, it is about getting in the top twelve (although I think Cesar Montano’s fame can effortlessly catapult him to the top.)

As a concerned Filipino, I was initially bothered by the Cesar Montano’s decision to enter politics, to enter the senate race nonetheless. I gave out the usual reaction: malay ba nun sa paggawa ng batas?? [what does he know about making laws??]

After gaining fame and fortune from being a well-recognized member of the entertainment industry, the next step is to gain power. But I don’t think it’s for selfish purposes. Not yet at least. It’s just that, there is no other place to go but politics. If you are a very determined individual, you just do not stop at being on top of where you are now. You look for new grounds to conquer. Yeah, it sounds personal, but that does not necessarily imply selfishness on his part. We’ll see how he performs.

If you think about if, if he didn’t accept the offer, they would have just picked another artista.

Anna Nicole Smith

You can read about her death anywhere on the Internet.

It’s one of those deaths that caught me by surprise. Pretty much like the stingray incident that cost Steve Irwin his life. I didn’t exactly follow Anna’s career but she was one of the people whose life was almost constantly under a camera.

One of the more notable descriptions of the actress was that she was a simple girl who had big dreams and was very eager to achieve them. And I think, she did achieve them although her means were not exactly gracious to say the least.

Despite her seemingly regular encounters with headline-grabbing issues, you must admire the woman for her sheer determination to make it big in the dog-eat-dog world that is Hollywood.



I just googled “maikling kuwento” and apparently my entry is currently on the 7th spot. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of since it is still getting hits every now and then.

I would have preferred deleting the idiotic comments that some people post there, asking for help or whatever. But now, I just find them amusing.

So. You kids have all the time and patience to customize your little Friendster pages yet you beg bloggers to come up with your petty school requirements. (Who would want to check Friendster pages that take forever to load anyway?) Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. It never seizes to amaze me how lazy and desperate some student can get.

I think it was Rizal who said “Nasa kabataan ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan.” [The future of our nation lies in our youth.] Kids, please try not to prove our national hero wrong again and again.