I just googled “maikling kuwento” and apparently my entry is currently on the 7th spot. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of since it is still getting hits every now and then.

I would have preferred deleting the idiotic comments that some people post there, asking for help or whatever. But now, I just find them amusing.

So. You kids have all the time and patience to customize your little Friendster pages yet you beg bloggers to come up with your petty school requirements. (Who would want to check Friendster pages that take forever to load anyway?) Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. It never seizes to amaze me how lazy and desperate some student can get.

I think it was Rizal who said “Nasa kabataan ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan.” [The future of our nation lies in our youth.] Kids, please try not to prove our national hero wrong again and again. 


2 thoughts on “Google

  1. We wonder about the same thing. My blog metrics report that I get consistently ranked for “maikling kwento” for reasons I’ve yet to understand. Still, it’s good to know that Google delivers visitors to my site and to make things fair, I’ll start writing about it.

  2. yeah, it’s weird. but i’m getting used to it.

    although, some of these students think they can get away with just copying-pasting other people’s works. it’s one thing to ask for opinion or help, but it’s another to ask other people to do the work for them – and pass it as their own.

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