Cesar Montano

My reaction to his entering politics: why not? Can we really stop him? I think it was the president herself who wanted her on the team.

After all, it all boils down to winnabilty. It’s not about being on the top spot; rather, it is about getting in the top twelve (although I think Cesar Montano’s fame can effortlessly catapult him to the top.)

As a concerned Filipino, I was initially bothered by the Cesar Montano’s decision to enter politics, to enter the senate race nonetheless. I gave out the usual reaction: malay ba nun sa paggawa ng batas?? [what does he know about making laws??]

After gaining fame and fortune from being a well-recognized member of the entertainment industry, the next step is to gain power. But I don’t think it’s for selfish purposes. Not yet at least. It’s just that, there is no other place to go but politics. If you are a very determined individual, you just do not stop at being on top of where you are now. You look for new grounds to conquer. Yeah, it sounds personal, but that does not necessarily imply selfishness on his part. We’ll see how he performs.

If you think about if, if he didn’t accept the offer, they would have just picked another artista.

4 thoughts on “Cesar Montano

  1. thanks for the link. you know what, i believe that cesar montano can be prominent figure in the political scene but not as a senator. the fact that he’s running under the administration flag only implies that he’s merely being used by t.u. for name-recallabilty. i would have believed cesar’s “pure” intentions of serving the public if he was to run as an independent candidate.

    i’m sorry but i think there’s just too much politics surrounding his candidacy.

  2. will you serve a corrupt master?

    Even the righteous ones in the Bible served corrupt masters,
    Daniel served Nebuchadnessar, Joseph the dreamer served Potiphar, Samuel served Eli.

    So it doesn’t matter which party he belongs too, if Cesar’s heart is right with God, he can be a positive influence, he can make a difference. I read http://cesarmontano.wordpress.com , I am convinced he can.

    Let’s give him a chance.

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