Baby Switching

Misplacing an object is normal. We sometimes tend to overlook certain actions that are as trivial as locking the car door because some actions has become a habit.

But misplacing a baby is totally something else!

How clueless and irresponsible do you have to be to put a baby in the wrong baby bin? Are the people involved too eager to go home and catch their favorite telenovela? What ever the reason is, some sort of negligence [kesho nataranta pa yung nurse o ano man] has occured.

It’s good thing that a dna testing has eventually confirmed the babies are now with their respective mothers. Of course, that was after one of the mothers noticed that the name on the armband of the baby she took home was different! Grabe, naiuwi na! Is it really that difficult to notice if the baby you’ve been craddling all the way from the hospital looks different?? It’s your child for crying out loud!

Can you imagine if the parents if the parents threw away the armbands without hesitation. =P


2 thoughts on “Baby Switching

  1. I don’t understand how the parents could have overlooked that the baby they’re taking home isn’t theirs. I know babies can look generic… to a stranger. But if it’s your own child, I find it hard to believe you won’t recognize your own baby. As for the one who gave the wrong baby to the couple, it’s unacceptable. Babies, from the crib to the armbands, have identification. It’s almost second nature to pediatric nurses and doctors to check IDs of newborns. So really I don’t understand the mistake either.

  2. it’s gross negligence at its finest, on the part of the hospital (i mean, sa ilang kamay dumaraan yung bata bago maibigay sa mismong magulang di ba?) and on the part of the parents (nakamaskara ba yung bata?) all the circumstances make it so absurd.

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