Forgive and Forget?

Distinct members of Team Unity recently visited Ilocos as part of their nationwide campaign. The contingent includedTito Sotto, Vicente Magsaysay, and Tessie Aquino-Oreta. And guess what? They were actually welcomed by no less than the Ilocos Norte Governor Bongbong Marcos.

Perhaps, it is true that time heals all wounds. In this case at least. Then again, we wouldn’t really know the real deal between the Aquinos and the Marcoses.

A political and/or financial compromise perhaps?

Of course, it’s the dancing queen member of the Aquino family that we’re talking about here. How much can we really expect from a turncoat? Sigh. The things these people just to stay in power…

Sayaw Tessie… Sayaw Tessie…

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3 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget?

  1. when is imelda going to jail,for crying out loud,Pinoys don’t be stupid,or haven’t you forgotten what we’ve been through in those marcos days,a KLEPTOCRATIC REGIME.She must go to jail period!!!

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