Political Killings

Here’s an interesting news clip from Inquirer.

The international community has voiced concern over the unresolved killings of hundreds of political activists in the country since Ms Arroyo took office in 2001.

The charges presented against both the Arroyo and Bush administrations included:

• Gross and systematic violations of civil and political rights: extrajudicial killings, abduction and disappearances, massacre, torture.
• Gross and systematic violation of economic, social and cultural rights.
• Gross and systematic violations of the rights to national self-determination and liberation. [Inquirer]

I have pointed out in previous posts that I am not a fan of Gloria Arroyo. But I find the timing of the report by an international forum at The Hague quite questionable. It’s election season and every party is at each other’s throat. And news like this are just meant to ruin the reputation of a party and its candidates. We all know that.


Yes, it’s an international forum at The Hague no less. But who are they to claim and decide that our government was/is responsible for the political killings? Have they – these lawyers and human rights activists – actually lived here long enough, or at least for the duration of Arroyo’s administration? It’s one thing to academically study and discuss the ‘oral and written documentations’ a million miles a way from the country and it’s another to be vigilant observers of the such tragic events.

More than just a gross attempt to discredit the incumbent administration, this kind of international announcement sends a far to negative image of our country. It strengthens the perception that our government is the ultimate mastermind behind all things evil and corrupt about our country. It further damages not just the reputation of our government but our reputation of our nation as a whole.

Sad to say but political killings seems to be a ‘regular’ aspect of our national politics. Such acts of violence are almost a constant even during the Marcos era and beyond it. But its persistence doesn’t mean that we – nor this administration – condone it.

The way I see it, the major responsibility of our government – whether it be the Arroyo, Ramos, Estrada, Aquino, Marcos, etc – that involves them in the political killings is their apparent lack or inability to solve such crimes. I don’t know if it’s a question of lack in capability or motivation or financial resources.

Also, the incapacity to address this issue does not lie in the president entirely. We (and this international forum) need to remember that we have other government agencies that are supposed to deal with such matters.

Do we really need members of an international community to voice ‘concern over the unresolved killings of hundreds of political activists in the country since Ms Arroyo took office in 2001’ and to bring the matter into light as if we are oblivious to it? The Hague, we are more than aware of our problems, thank you very much.

Kung pwede lang, huwag na nila palakihin yung issue di ba? It’s bad enough that we as citizens feel helpless and disgusted by the killings. We really don’t need the rest of the world to feel the same way towards our country.

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