Parents’ Sympathy

I can’t believe the parents are seeking the dismissal of charges against Ducat and Carbonell. Their children were threatened to be blown up with an unpinned grenade! I’m sure they’re all thankful that their children will be getting the “free” education that Ducat demanded. So that makes everything okay? It’s one thing to believe in the “crusade” of Ducat and empathize with him. But it’s another to let him off the hook. Obviously, it was a mistake to drop the charges when he took some priests hostage. Should he be allowed to get away again?

If that person doesn’t get persecuted, it sends the message – a wrong one! – that it is okay to put the lives of other people in danger AS LONG AS it is for a worthy cause. It sends the message to the whole world who watched the hostage drama that psychotic people like Ducat need to threaten the lives of others and violate the laws just to “send a message across.” I’m sorry but this “little” incident will not fix our country’s problems with education.

How irresponsible and selfish of those parents! More than anything else, this group action of the parents not only shows that they have sympathy for people who threaten their own children but clearly states that they are willing to put their children’s lives in danger for “causes”! Their children were almost blown up for crying out loud! Whether Ducat did or did not have the intention of doing so does not diminish the fact that over thirty six lives were put in peril by such extreme actions. It’s like feeding the children to the lions!

Providing education for those handful of children are mere temporary solutions. It’s like giving candy to a crying kid. We all know how deep our educational problems are. June is just around the corner and we’ll here about them soon enough. Again. The real problem is people who unwittingly vote idiot officials into office time and again. If there’s any one who needs real education, it is not the children. It is these kind of adults, the kind who shows compassion for wrong doers and who gets persuaded with by candidates with freebies and fancy commercials.


Lastly, it’s funny to see how people easily sympathize with these people. It’s funny how seemingly noble causes soften the hearts of the many even though fact of the matter is the act is criminal in nature.

Is it really in our culture to side with the underdog? Is it really in our culture to be so stupidly forgiving? I would blame politics and government for all the social problems, but I’m beginning to think that religion has A LOT to do with it as well.

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