Manny Pacquiao Unites Pinoys?

Let’s all admit. Election rules are mere suggestions.

Take Pacquiao for example. Yes, he’s a great sportsman. I can say with conviction that he is the sole entity that can stop a whole nation (well, maybe 99.9%) just to witness the fights (or their delayed telecasts.)

But how do you separate the boxer from the candidate? Doesn’t it strike you that the fight was scheduled right before election month? I think it’s just logical to think that Pacquiao running for congress has been a long term plan. Somebody feeds ideas in his head and before you know it, Manny believes he can be a congressman. Pffft.

Who gives a rat’s ass if he hasn’t read a bit about representing a district as a duly elected public official?

No one dares to scream that the fight (its promotion and the whole nine yards) has undeniably given Pacquiao an unfair advantage over his opponent during this election season. Why? Because he’s Pacquiao. Because he gives the nation a reason to celebrate in unity. At least for a while. Because he gives the Pinoy a reason to feel good about being Pinoy.

I even read how some officials monitored the commercials. How moronic is that??? The whole thing is about Pacquiao for crying out loud! Sheesh!


I just wish people, particularly those in the South Cotobato – General Santos district, know when to separate Manny the champion boxer and Manny the congressman hopeful.

Or am I asking too much?


Did Solis even had a chance against Pacquiao?

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6 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Unites Pinoys?

  1. hahaha. anak ng jueteng talaga. although it’s going to be an interesting race there all together.

    as for pacquiao, natawa ako dun sa sinabi niya about the importance of discipline. the first thing that came to mind: was he talking about the same kind of discipline he was using to ‘balance’ his time between his wife and alleged mistresses? dun pa lang, kita na agad that he has the making of a congressman talaga. :p

    it’s funny how he associates discipline with ‘multi-tasking’ skills. sa pagkakaintindi ko sa disiplina, it’s more of focusing on the duty at hand, rather than doing multiple tasks at the same time. ewan.

  2. This might come as a surprise to most people, but surveys show Pacquiao is way behind his congressional opponent in ratings.
    You’re right, it’s going to be an interesting race, If Manny wins, I just hope he’s got enough supply of alaxan, kasi sasakit talaga ang ulo niya sa dami ng pipila’t humihingi ng balato, este, tulong pala, araw-araw.

  3. he’s out. and i can say with confidence that that’s a good thing.
    it seems he’s quietly and honorably accepting defeat like a sportsman but
    i’m not sure though if his financiers feels the same way.

  4. Correction lang po, wag nyo naman kaming gawing KOTO. South CotAbato po dapat. ang CotAbato ay mula sa kutAng bato (stone fort). salamat po

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