Sigh. “Maikling Kuwento” is getting a lot of hits again. Pasukan na naman ng mga bata. Maybe I should stop blaming just the students, and blame the school as well for not providing adequate resources for their school requirements; thus, forcing students to do their research on the most accessible and convenient pool of information – the Internet. But then, it’s a different matter when the student’s objective is merely to copy-paste materials from the internet and pass it as their own. That’s plain plagiarism. Which is punishable by law by the way.

I digress.

Thank goodness Multiply is temporarily unavailable right now so I’m writing an entry for my WordPress.

So I’ve been posting on Multiply more often the past few days, uhm, months actually. Mostly involving less serious stuff. The two main difference there is that, 1) I can upload pictures and music, which I can share with my contacts, and 2) I am connected with people I know personally (which can either be good or bad, depending on what I write.)

Initially, Multiply-ing was a fun and carefree online activity. It didn’t really think about how shallow or trivial the content of my entries were since I knew who were reading them. And their not the judgmental type.

That was until more people joined in Multiply. I think Friendster was practically abandoned for the newer and hipper online community being built through Multiply. People started adding each other, even though it was clear that they have no intention or interest in what each other was putting in their own sites. Another contacts rat race. Phft.

Maybe I’m just being selfish. But the thing is, I’m beginning to get more conscious who’s actually reading my entries or browsing over my photos or listening to my mp3s. Instead of being a carefree online blogger, I’m starting to be a careless one. Which means, I have to be constantly wary before clicking the “post” button.

At any rate, I realize that if I want (or need) to keep both Multiply and WordPress, I would have to do a balancing act. I’ll see how I fare in the coming months. And besides, it’s fun being anonymous on WordPress. 🙂