Makati Bombing

UPDATE: Aug. 30, 2007

It’s official then: the Glorietta blast wasn’t caused by a bomb according to US and Aussie experts in this report. The apparent cause was an accidental gas explosion, yet investigation is still on going.

To government officials and media outfits who made us initially think that it was a bomb and/or politically motivated: FUCK YOU!!!

Moving on.

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If you’ve heard or read about the iPhone and the iPod Touch the past couple of months, then you probably came across Apple’s statement that the mentioned devices were supposed to have “built-in” restrictions. These included being “locked” to the official cellular network, AT&T, for the iPhone or not being able to add events on the iPod Touch’s calendar on the device itself.I won’t go into details because I don’t exactly get them myself. I find it amusing how people go through all the stress and details just to get around a constraint.

I mean, what’s with our society and the idea of being unlocked?

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So I’ve been very sick the past couple of weeks. I was initially recommended complete bed rest for a couple of days, in addition to some medicines that I needed to take. But stubborn as I am sometimes, I still went to work. Sa madaling salita, parating nabibinat. Apparently, that 70 plus work weeks the past couple of months had finally taken its toll. Buti na lang, mejo slow ngayon.

It’s just funny when you realize that you can get replaced at work anytime. Sure, you can be the best at what you do or you can be committed to the company. But the moment you cannot perform, bam!, somebody is there to take your place. Just. Like. That.

Which is good, in some sense. If plant operations were to stop just because one person cannot report to work, then that would have more detrimental effects on the company and other working individuals. No work, no pay.

After recuperating from my on-and-off illness, I’m glad though that I’m still working at the plant. It’s a good reminder that multi-vitamins and energy drinks can only do so much to keep you healthy and walking.