If you’ve heard or read about the iPhone and the iPod Touch the past couple of months, then you probably came across Apple’s statement that the mentioned devices were supposed to have “built-in” restrictions. These included being “locked” to the official cellular network, AT&T, for the iPhone or not being able to add events on the iPod Touch’s calendar on the device itself.I won’t go into details because I don’t exactly get them myself. I find it amusing how people go through all the stress and details just to get around a constraint.

I mean, what’s with our society and the idea of being unlocked?

For example, when there’s a sign that says “Bawal tumawid.” [Do not cross.] on an island, I still find people crossing. Not only are they putting their own lives at risk, but their also a putting the lives of motorists and their passengers in potential danger. Is it too much of an effort to use, say, the overpass or walk towards the intersection?

We don’t want government agencies looking out for the safety of the general public. We signs as mere suggestions. We don’t want some corporation telling us what we can and can’t do with their products. To be forced to OBEY infringe our “right” as consumers who have acquired those goods with our hard-earned money.

Perhaps we just don’t like being told what we can and can’t do.

Just like children.

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