Makati Bombing

UPDATE: Aug. 30, 2007

It’s official then: the Glorietta blast wasn’t caused by a bomb according to US and Aussie experts in this report. The apparent cause was an accidental gas explosion, yet investigation is still on going.

To government officials and media outfits who made us initially think that it was a bomb and/or politically motivated: FUCK YOU!!!

Moving on.


A suspected bomb exploded in Glorietta mall, Makati. As of this writing, it has claiming eight lives and injuring over 70 people in this ABS-CBN report.

To those who planned, financed, and carried out this bombing incident: FUCK YOU!!! I hope all of you die slow and painful deaths.

This is senseless! Some thing like this is the last thing that our ailing country needs! What in the world are you thinking?!

You want the strengthening peso to weaken again?

You want a weak impeachment complaint to gain artificial substance and momentum?

You want to instigate more fear, paranoia, and mistrust amongst our people?

Tangina, we don’t even know who to turn to any more! The government, the administration, the opposition, the churches, the media, the leftist, the military… they all have their own agendas. And now, the people are once again caught in the middle of the crossfire. Literally. Violently.

So please, I beg you to just stop. Don’t make it any harder for the people to wake up every morning and face the day. Leave us a pinch of dignity, of hope, of belief in the good. Leave us a bit of optimism, of strength, of will to get us through the day. Kahit kapiranggot lang.

We already have more than enough of our fair share of fear of everyday street culprits, of frustration with our government’s non-governance, of depression and artificial enjoyment from non-reality shows and teleseryes, of unnecessary confusion from mainstream media’s sensationalized news.

Just. Stop.

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