Another Makati Stand-off

A band of rebel soldiers headed by “Senator” Trillanes and General Danilo Lim walked out of their trial in a Makati RTC earlier today and are now occupying Manila Peninsula as they call for Gloria to resign and demand the people to support their cause. Again.

I’m sorry but people are in holiday mode. And we’re sort of sick of this Edsa-clones. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I do want change. I want political improvement.

But here’s the thing.

What exactly are we, the people, getting in exchange of the Arroyo administration? Do we get a new-and-improved set of cabinet members? A more united legislative branch?

The way I see it, it’s just gonna be the same set of fools running the government. The next ones in line do not fall far from the tree. You can keep changing the people, but do you really change the culture and the system deeply entrenched in the government’s ways? Anyway, I hope this ends without any casualties.

The Christmas season may be in full swing but there are some of us who are still trying to catch that elusive holiday spirit.

Kaya, Trillanes, Lim, Guingona, and the rest of the loony gang, please lang, do not dampen our attempts to feel Christmasy and stop acting like a bunch of psychos.

Kayo ang makisama, hindi kami!


Trillanes says “Nothing will happen after 3pm.” Exactly. It’s just a propaganda to advertise his name. Think about it. He led a mutiny in 2003, he becomes a senator in 2007 with no legislative experience. It’s almost 2008, and the 2010 elections is just around the corner.

Somebody’s shooting for the moon.

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