Romeo Must Die

Not the Jet Li movie. I’m referring to the convicted child rapist Romeo Jalosjos. It was bad enough that his double life sentence got commuted by Arroyo a couple of months ago. Now, there was a news stating his supposed release yesterday.

Apparently, that was supposed to be the case, according to Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez. A document which the media got was simply part of a procedure of Jalosjos’ release. Not the actual release of the convict. In addition, Arroyo commuting his life sentence meant that he can be release upon his 70th birthday — in 2010. The whole fiasco was a case of misinterpretation and apparent misinformation care of our lovely media.

If you ask me, I think he should rot in jail until he dies. I’m sorry but I don’t think people change. How can he have paid his debt to society comfortable in a decently furnished living quarters. That’s not prison to me.

What I find more disturbing is the news saying the supposed two thousand plus residents attending a thanksgiving mass in anticipation of rumored return of Jalosjos. My goodness. What kind of a voting constituent does our country really has?



The holiday season is about to peak. I managed to finish my shopping last week just in time before the last rush of last minute shoppers. Not that I intend to give every person I know a gift. Kung tutuusin, I really rarely give gifts during Christmas. It’s either I buy every one something or don’t buy at all. Para fair. So I often end up just sending plain emails and text greetings.

One prominent observation though: we are a nation of procrastinators.

Despite the fact that the malls and shopping centers ushered the holiday season right after All Saints day, there are still a lot of people who still delay their shopping. It’s not like retailers would save their best deals right before the Christmas day. On the contrary, some store owners seem to be more uptight towards the last days before Christmas. Because of the stress perhaps. Shoppers can be a bit unruly some times. Which is why I try to avoid the bargain centers because every one is there.

Next task is gift wrapping. Sigh.