Heath Ledger, 28

The sudden death of this actor has caused quite a stir. I didn’t get to watch him in the highly acclaimed Brokeback Mountain, but I did find the preview of the Dark Knight interesting. His portrayal of the Joker reminded me of Jack Nicholson’s playing the Joker in early Batman movies. Which I liked far better than the not-so-recent installments.

Doesn’t it sadden you when the public is forced to watch the darkness lying behind the glamor? All this time, you think that being a celebrated artist,  their lives are automatically better than your average citizen.  But it is revealed, again and again, that no matter how public their lives are, some of these artists are probably dealing with problems that we cannot even imagine.


And So

And so the past holiday season was busier than expected. Which was good. It felt christmasy, the way I used to remember it during my younger years, when work didn’t get in the way of enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season.

I didn’t report for work for a week or so. I flipped out when there was work on the 24th. The schedule wasn’t even a half-day thing nor was the load lighter. It was a full work day. So I at the end of the day, I told them I would be absent.

Came back to work the first week of January. At first I thought I would get sanctioned for being absent without the approval of upper management, but looking at my recent paycheck, apparently my absent days were paid. I didn’t really care if I got paid or not. I just wanted not to report to work when the schedule was that crazy.

It still is though. But now is not the time to quit.

In other news, I feel that following political news is starting to bore me. I think I’m in one of those phases wherein nothing really new or interesting is happening in society or to our government. It’s like the start of nineteen something all over again, only digits are different.Anyhow, I don’t think this new year will be better than the last one. But I think it will be different. Mainly because I intend to make it so.

I hope your fingers are still complete after the new year!