Juan Manuel Marquez

The victory could have gone to him. But because Pacquiao knocked him down in the third round, he lost.

It’s funny to hear that there are people who aren’t entirely convinced that Pacman won the fight. That even though we’re not experts and are mere spectators of the sport, our gut feeling somehow tells us that the match could have easily gone to Marquez.

Oh well. It was a tough fight with both boxers bloodied. And with an unconvincing victory, I’m already expecting a third rematch.


Janina San Miguel

I almost couldn’t sit through out her question and answer portion. I wanted it to end as soon as possible; it was just too painful to watch. The two-minute or so moment seemed to drag on forever.

How I would like to think that she simply choked at that very moment. And that she could articulate her thoughts well even before the pageant night. Yet after watching the segment on Youtube, I highly doubt that.

And yet she won and a major title at that.

And again, the overwhelming reaction after demonstrated how really mean people can be.

The poor thing. I hope she manages to prepare for the Miss World pageant.