Still Visiting?

I haven’t written any entries. And yet some people still manage to land on my little corner of the blogsphere. Despite the numerous events since my last entry, yes, I’m still not in the zone so-to-speak to cough up new blogs. Except this one perhaps.

Do you ever get that feeling that our country is living in a time loop? That everything seems to fall in a cycle of sort? Military uprisings, attention deprived politicians, Pacquiao fights, remake tv shows, uber-recycled story lines, sea tragedies, problem-plagued educational system, rising prices of commodities, ancient UAAP rivalries, old-new showbiz personalities, ratings-hungry tv networks, etc.

You name it. It’s becoming more apparent that so-called “current” events that aren’t really current, but are mere re-occurences of the past — both recent and not-so-recent.

Maybe we should just make it official: our country has stopped moving forward. And it’s not just the government nor the media.

Or maybe it’s far worse than not progressing: bilang bansa, tumatanda tayo ng paurong. (We’re regressing as a nation.)