Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez on Wowowee

I have to say that I already saw this one coming years ago. It’s a political strategy, one of many involving political figures and ABS-CBN personalities that took years of mindful planning, control, and execution.

Oh well. Might as well hand over the keys to our nation to that tv network. When you’ve got their minions (and their spouses) running this country and a nation of people here and in diaspora mindlessly adoring their recycled trash that is their tv shows and hordes of bland artistas, what you have is the (first?) case of a republic being willingly trapped in a corporate snow globe.

Perhaps the illusion of falling snow may never be as cool as the real one, but many would find it “better” than being completely immersed in the stark reality wake up to everyday.

People may be collectively deceived and emotionally and mentally abused,
but at least, in front of their tv sets and with empty stomachs, they die gratified and amused.