A Promising Sona

mood: cautiously optimistic

As expected there’s a run down of wasteful spending, mismanagement of funds, and inefficiencies on the part of some government agencies like MWSS and DTI.

But I have to admit, it eventually sounded promising. He had plans, albeit general, and solutions. And the most important part, he seems to know where he’ll be getting the funds. (Although part me doubts the “wala tayong gagastusin” parts.)

We’ll have to see how the rest of the government would align (or misalign) with the plans.

EDIT: As somebody told me, the Sona felt bitin. Now that I thought about it, I was hoping to hear something about RH, economic policies, and the plight of our OFWs.


Sona 2010

mood: hopeful

I am looking forward to Noynoy’s State of the Nation address.

Considering that this is his first SONA, I think we couldn’t expect much except a long list of the problems he has inherited from the previous administration. Although it was said that that will not take most of the content, hopefully, half of the address would contain some sort of plan/s on how to his government intend to deal — not necessarily solve, I really don’t expect much from him — with the problems.

Because everyone’s aware of the problems, what we really need to hear are solutions, action plans, what they intend to do and what we, as ordinary citizens, can expect in the coming months.

I did find it amusing as to how this Sona was being built up. It pretty much felt like an upcoming episode of The Buzz! with all these so-called “shocking revelations” about Arroyo’s administration.

I’d like to hear him out before I go all “Oh no(y) he didn’t” on him. Let’s see how things will roll.

Charice gets a Botox

In preparation for the her debut appearance on Glee, Charice Pempengco decided to alter her looks by getting a Botox and an anti-aging procedure – even before she was set to start her voice and acting lessons.

It’s one thing to get a facial to rejuvenate the skin and it’s another to get a cosmetic procedure. What the fuck was she thinking?? First of all, the procedures are usually done on 20-30 year olds Americans mainly because their skin age much faster, I am told. But for the skin-tightening procedure to be done on an Asian 18 year old kids is just bizarre!

Second, was she required by the producers of Glee to undergo the procedures? I don’t think so. So who ever pushed her into this (mom? publicist? manager?) must have made a big mistake. Charice, hija, we don’t care that much about how you’ll look on tv. We have make-up artists and hair stylists for that. We’re only concerned about your performance as an artist.

And lastly, so much for the idea of her being “natural” because this totally ruins it. It sends the message that it doesn’t matter how talented or how hard working you are because you won’t make it big if you don’t look pretty — which I don’t think she wasn’t.

So to Charice and Vicky Belo: hooray! Hooray for further propagating the Pinoy insecurity and low self-esteem. As if it wasn’t bad enough that women of all ages are consuming skin whitening products like softdrinks and jumping from one diet fad to another, you two just had to take it to another level.


EDIT: Here’s a simple yet direct write-up

Lebron Moves To Miami

Not really a rabid fan of NBA but it disturbed when I came across some people expressing extreme disgust when Lebron decided to take his game to Miami.

It’s one thing to be loyal to your roots and it’s another to be forced to stick with something that just doesn’t work well anymore. It takes a lot of desertion to realize that and a lot of balls to decide when it’s time to pack up and leave for better opportunities.

Will it be a good decision? We can all speculate but we won’t know until they start playing. In the end, you have to go where you think you will be happier, even if it means causing discomfort to those around you.

You owe it to yourself to find out.