Sona 2010

mood: hopeful

I am looking forward to Noynoy’s State of the Nation address.

Considering that this is his first SONA, I think we couldn’t expect much except a long list of the problems he has inherited from the previous administration. Although it was said that that will not take most of the content, hopefully, half of the address would contain some sort of plan/s on how to his government intend to deal — not necessarily solve, I really don’t expect much from him — with the problems.

Because everyone’s aware of the problems, what we really need to hear are solutions, action plans, what they intend to do and what we, as ordinary citizens, can expect in the coming months.

I did find it amusing as to how this Sona was being built up. It pretty much felt like an upcoming episode of The Buzz! with all these so-called “shocking revelations” about Arroyo’s administration.

I’d like to hear him out before I go all “Oh no(y) he didn’t” on him. Let’s see how things will roll.


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