Harapan with Noynoy

That interview between President Noynoy (I refuse to refer to him as PNoy; the guy has a proper name; use it, people) and the media outfits — Ted Failon from ABS-CBN, Mel Tiangco from GMA, and Paolo Bediones from TV5) seemed like a trial more than interview. The questions were long and the answers were even longer.

I did admire how Noynoy was able to hold his own, even if he had the tendency to meander his way to an answer, if he had one. For most part, he was cautious and conscious of his choice of words, careful in his delivery.

If he can answer like that — he did his homework and came prepared — do we still need a spokesperson and communications group secretaries who sometimes give conflicting impressions?

The problem with such a set-up though is that it paints the image on how powerful the two major major tv networks are (TV5, you’re still in the process of becoming one). After facing the panels of government officials, representatives of the news outlets seemed to have gang-up on the President. It was like Noynoy was being cross-examined by the media that launched him into power.

I wished that the panel was a little bit more diverse and included journalists from major broadsheets and bloggers.

But I agree with Noynoy when he said that this incident will not define his administration. But it’s undeniable that his first 100 days have been extremely bumpy at best.

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