Anthony Nepomuceno and His Protectors

In this news article, Anthony Nepomuceno the suspect in the bar exams bombing surrendered himself to the NBI. Voluntarily. And yet we have VP Binay and former Justice Sec Bello claiming innocence. WTF?

“Due process” (whatever it means in this country) hasn’t even begun yet and we already have high ranking public officials blurting out their judgement. Why? Because Nepomuceno is their “bro” in Alpha Phi Omega, or APO, fraternity. (Recall that APO members were involved in the hazing and eventual death of EJ Karl Intia, but were later freed. See what special connections can do?)

And he seems to be getting some special treatment as well — being safeguarded from the media “as respect to his right to presumption of innocence.” Wow. If it were a common suspect without the backings of high ranking officials, his face would have been all over the tri-media outlets already.

If Nepomuceno’s really innocent, why come out only now? I suspect he’s been trying to seek the protection of his fellow brods all this time. Which seems to have succeeded in getting.

This manifestation of a twisted sense of brotherhood is turning out to be a really big problem for this country.


2 thoughts on “Anthony Nepomuceno and His Protectors

  1. In the current justice system, “One is guilty until proven innocent”.

    Nepomuceno has no motive to bomb members of Alpha Phi Beta. Why is it that they cannot even release the names of the so-called suspects in the media, when they were fast in publishing the name of Lazaga (Alpha Kappa Rho member).

    They want APO to surrender their so-called suspects but whom are they expecting to turn over if no names are given.

    • I think what made Anthony Nepumuceno a public person of interest is how he handled or was told to handle all this. He went into hiding and reappeared with the support of Vice President Binay, instead of, I don’t know, clearing his name in public, via due process.

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