Pilipinas Kay Ganda

That’s the new slogan that the Department of Tourism wants to use to promote the Philippines. Quite a mouthful compared to the recently retired “Wow Philippines”. And honestly, I find it a bit difficult to swallow when you look around.

But that’s not the real problem. It appears that the logo that goes with the slogan is not entirely original. Take a look at the logo being used to promote Poland’s own tourism. It’s hard to deny the similarities, if not exact replicas, of some elements in both logos. The letter “P” for examples looks exactly the same. The wave illustration is the same although separated and repositioned. Except for the extra letters and the tree, sun, and tarsier illustrations and the color scheme, it is easy to see conclude that either the same person made the logos or whoever the DoT commissioned to create the logo thought nobody would notice.

If the second case turns out to be true — which I think is more likely — it’s going to be another international embarrassment following a recent decision by a Supreme Court justice that plagiarized international sources. I hope they won’t make excuses this time. But I doubt it.