Vizconde Massacred Again

This time, the perpetrators are members of the Philippine Supreme Court who voted for the acquittal of the suspects — Hubert Webb (son of a former senator, Freddie Webb), Antonio Lejano II (related to actress Pinky de Leon and actor Christopher de Leon), Hospicio Fernandez (son of a retired commodore), Michael Gatchalian and Miguel Rodriguez (sons of prominent lawyers), Peter Estrada (son of a wealthy businessman), Joey Filart.

The problem here, according the SC decision, is the failure of the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the suspects did commit the crime. The SC questions the quality of the evidences. Of course, when over 15 years have passed already, how the fuck can evidences and testaments even still bear meaning after all those years. Gravitas has been lost.

The justice system simply moves too slow. And perhaps, there is outright ineptness in investigating and collating evidences and keeping the integrity of the evidences. Lastly, with briberies and political powerplays aside, there is a question on how competent the prosecutors are/were. All these separate elements combine to build how people trust (or lack thereof) our justice system.

Read the decision here.


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