Pedring and Quiel

If there’s anything we learned — or relearned — from these back-to-back typhoons is that we’re still underprepared. That is different from being unprepared. Being unprepared means not knowing what’s about to hit you. Being underprepared, on the other hand, means knowing what’s about to hit you but not putting much effort to get ready.

It’s fair to say that we’ll never accurately predict — not in this country anyway — how much torrential rains would fall where or how strong the winds would get. But it always becomes apparent that most people don’t prepare enough, our general infrastructure isn’t prepared enough.

I’m not sure if it’s mainly because of the persistent “Bahala na” attitude, or the “Pwede na yan” mentality, or the misguided “Hindi tayo pababayaan ng Diyos” belief.