Christmas 2008

I don’t know about you but despite all the political insanity and economic absurdity and national incongruity that our country constantly finds itself in, I managed to feel the rare warmth of Christmas this year.

I guess it’s a good thing to feel “okay” amidst the sucking reality that we’re always thrown into.



So I’ve been very sick the past couple of weeks. I was initially recommended complete bed rest for a couple of days, in addition to some medicines that I needed to take. But stubborn as I am sometimes, I still went to work. Sa madaling salita, parating nabibinat. Apparently, that 70 plus work weeks the past couple of months had finally taken its toll. Buti na lang, mejo slow ngayon.

It’s just funny when you realize that you can get replaced at work anytime. Sure, you can be the best at what you do or you can be committed to the company. But the moment you cannot perform, bam!, somebody is there to take your place. Just. Like. That.

Which is good, in some sense. If plant operations were to stop just because one person cannot report to work, then that would have more detrimental effects on the company and other working individuals. No work, no pay.

After recuperating from my on-and-off illness, I’m glad though that I’m still working at the plant. It’s a good reminder that multi-vitamins and energy drinks can only do so much to keep you healthy and walking.


Weekend work sucks, but a necessity.

The 40-hour or so workweek doesn’t cut it anymore. The trick is to find a work that’s less stressful (or fun!) and quite (or totally!) different from your regular work. That way, working in a general sense wouldn’t feel non-ending and suffocating.


I don’t get it sometimes.

The peso continues to appreciate against the dollar and yet, you have businesses complaining about it.

A 12-peso wage increase is granted and again, you have minimum wage earners highly unsatisfied by the change.

It seems to me that the difficulty of achieving contentment seems to bring into foreground how much and how long the general public is being deprived of the “good stuff” that suits one’s perceived level of comfort.


Sigh. “Maikling Kuwento” is getting a lot of hits again. Pasukan na naman ng mga bata. Maybe I should stop blaming just the students, and blame the school as well for not providing adequate resources for their school requirements; thus, forcing students to do their research on the most accessible and convenient pool of information – the Internet. But then, it’s a different matter when the student’s objective is merely to copy-paste materials from the internet and pass it as their own. That’s plain plagiarism. Which is punishable by law by the way.

I digress.

Thank goodness Multiply is temporarily unavailable right now so I’m writing an entry for my WordPress.

So I’ve been posting on Multiply more often the past few days, uhm, months actually. Mostly involving less serious stuff. The two main difference there is that, 1) I can upload pictures and music, which I can share with my contacts, and 2) I am connected with people I know personally (which can either be good or bad, depending on what I write.)

Initially, Multiply-ing was a fun and carefree online activity. It didn’t really think about how shallow or trivial the content of my entries were since I knew who were reading them. And their not the judgmental type.

That was until more people joined in Multiply. I think Friendster was practically abandoned for the newer and hipper online community being built through Multiply. People started adding each other, even though it was clear that they have no intention or interest in what each other was putting in their own sites. Another contacts rat race. Phft.

Maybe I’m just being selfish. But the thing is, I’m beginning to get more conscious who’s actually reading my entries or browsing over my photos or listening to my mp3s. Instead of being a carefree online blogger, I’m starting to be a careless one. Which means, I have to be constantly wary before clicking the “post” button.

At any rate, I realize that if I want (or need) to keep both Multiply and WordPress, I would have to do a balancing act. I’ll see how I fare in the coming months. And besides, it’s fun being anonymous on WordPress. 🙂


I just googled “maikling kuwento” and apparently my entry is currently on the 7th spot. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of since it is still getting hits every now and then.

I would have preferred deleting the idiotic comments that some people post there, asking for help or whatever. But now, I just find them amusing.

So. You kids have all the time and patience to customize your little Friendster pages yet you beg bloggers to come up with your petty school requirements. (Who would want to check Friendster pages that take forever to load anyway?) Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. It never seizes to amaze me how lazy and desperate some student can get.

I think it was Rizal who said “Nasa kabataan ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan.” [The future of our nation lies in our youth.] Kids, please try not to prove our national hero wrong again and again. 

Blogging Break

I don’t have any decent excuse for not updating this blog. Except maybe for plain laziness. But no one’s really complaining now is there.

Another thing, I’ve been wondering how spam comments work. Most of the time it’s pretty easy to tell if comments – the ones that get thru – are just spam or just plain idiotic comments.

One of these days, I’ll go thru them. If a comment has a stinky spammy smell, it will be deleted. If you happen to be a real person who left a comment that got deleted, pardon me. Either way, I’ll get rid of what I don’t like.