Violeta Aylward and Her Carelessness

In this article, DFA has finally confirmed that the nurse involved caught on video was a Filipina. The incident resulted in serious brain damage to Violeta’s patient, who was already paralyzed from the neck down.

Quick points. a) For reasons that have yet to be determined, Violeta was seen turning off the ventilator of her patient, Jamie Merrett, a man who was paralyzed after a car accident. b) After failing to restart the ventilator, she inserts a resuscitation equipment in the patient’s mount instead of connecting it to a passage in the patient’s neck. c) The patient had a CCTV installed because he was worried with the “quality of care” he was receiving, as the mentioned in the video clip.

This news makes me wonder about the quality of training that our nursing student receive here. Do they get the best theoretical education and have been prepared well by the nursing schools? Or is the country simply mass-producing graduates, waiting to be exported abroad, upon accomplishing requirements and passing examinations?

It also makes me wonder about the agencies, both local and abroad, and how the hire and retain nurses. With regards to this incident, I find it odd that Violeta would turn off the machine and fail to turn it back on. Was the machine faulty or was she unfamiliar with operating the machine? And I find it disturbing that she did not attach the resuscitation equipment to right opening, which, in that case, is a hole in the patient’s neck. Perhaps, she panicked and got confused.


The Stupidity of Fraternity

Another student is dead.

Cris Anthony Mendez was suspected to have died because of hazing in this Inquirer report.

His death, suspected to be the result of hazing, cut short his Friendster run.

I have expressed before how pointless these fraternities are. I don’t give a crap whatever these so-called organizations claim to accomplish or contribute to society. We have countless other organizations that do the same thing, but do not get their members pointlessly killed.

The concept of undergoing initiation to prove commitment to the group still eludes me. What eludes me more is the point of their continuous existence right within school premises. I understand that we have the right to convene and express our ideologies. But when people die senselessly in the process of joining, then we have a problem. A big one.

Again, the Anti-Hazing law seems to bear no meaning to these idiots who continue to engage in these illegal activities of fraternities.

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Fourth Raffle Entry

I’m enjoying this too much. >:)

A fourth impeachment complaint had been filed. This time it was by Marlen Abigail Binay, daughter of Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, together with other students from UP Diliman and Manila, St. Paul’s College, and Mapua.

The new complaint is similar to those filed by former vice-president Teofisto Guingona, Zenaida “Nini” Quezon-Avanceña and Caloocan City Bishop Deogracias Yñiguez.

Well, somebody is following in the footsteps of her father. (A bit too close I say.) But we get it. Really. I get the whole we-the-students-care-about-the-political-future-because-we-are-the-future idea. You can read the rest of the article here.

This whole exercise is getting ridiculous already. I mean seriously. If concerned citizens will not stop submitting their complaints, can House Secretary-General Roberto Nazareno at least stop accepting the complaints?

Sigh. I wonder who will submit the fifth complaint.

Hula ko, artista naman.

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Is hazing still part of initiation rites?

According to this article, two students from UPLB have been charged for the death of another student due to hazing.

Hmm. In this day and age, is hazing still part of initiation ries? Don’t students have enough common sense to not join fraternities that still practice hazing as part of their initiation rites? I really don’t have anything against fraternities. I think, they’re mere variations of organizations that have very, very focused goals. (An organization just seems “more serious” if it’s dubbed as a “fraternity” instead of a “club” di ba?)

Fratenity is about brotherhood (or sisterhood for sororities) but taking extreme pain and/or humiliation for acceptance and recognition is just plain senseless.