Honor is a rare commodity in this country.

“If they were so good, why are we where we are now?”


2 thoughts on “Honor

  1. Monsod’s arguments are flawed. I was raised in the Catholic Church so does that mean I must “repay” them for brainwashing me with stupid traditions.

    So why am I bringing up Religion? Well, if I can turn my back on a religion which has done nothing but blind me and inhibit my potential, then its not very difficult for me to detach from backward culture that prevents me from attaining my maximum potential.

    I have free will. I have a choice. And who is she to tell me how to live my life? Once you get past her sentimentality and use of the fear of ridicule, you will see that her arguments are based on nothing but pride and insecurity.

    Even if you disagree with me, will you deny me the right to choose where and how I decide to live my life?

    • Uhm, no one’s denying you your right to choose how to live your life.

      Her message was directed to UP students whose education is largely supported by our taxes. It’s an appeal to the students to repay the system that educated and trained them (by good citizen of the country or if they opt to leave, pay the cost to educate them.)

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